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Welcome to Farmer’s Daughter Gift and Garden  Center. The family farm, which consists of 350 acres surrounding the garden center, has been in the family for over 100 years. The family is quite proud to be 4th generation farmers on the land and      received the Pennsylvania State Century Farm Award.


The Garden Center was started by Megan Shaub,  the daughter of Robert and Margaret Shaub, so it was appropriately named “Farmer’s Daughter”. Megan started the “market”  in 1967, then 7 years old. By the side of the road she sold only string beans that were grown on the farm for local canneries, which are now out of business. The beans were sold for 25 cents per strawberry box full for many years and always picked fresh daily. Those beans not sold by 3:00 or 4:00 pm were put in a red express wagon and Megan pulled it to town to sell door to door for families’ evening meals.MeganYardStand

The “market” kept growing rapidly after Megan was of age to join 4-H. The 4-H Gardening Project required her to grow new and more varieties of vegetables each year. The customers liked this so much that her little garden couldn’t produce enough to satisfy the demand. As the “market” kept expanding every year to meet the needs of loyal customers, the area devoted to growing produce grew to 50 acres.MeganFarmStand

After attending Penn State and with a course in Agriculture Business, a new building was erected in 1981 for Megan to sell the produce and also plants. As the years passed, it became more difficult to find employees to pick the produce on a daily basis. In 1989, after deliberating long and hard, the decision was made to cease growing vegetables. The attention turned to expanding the farm market and garden center          and in 1995, four large greenhouses were added. Megan’s knowledge of growing plants was very well received by those customers now buying plants instead of produce. The customers knew that the knowledge was present to provide them with healthy plants and products to make their gardening efforts successful. This continues to the present   day with an even larger selection of plants, plus the addition of organic products such as seeds, insecticides, weed killers, soils, etc.


The evolving “market” quickly became Southern York County’s Premier Gift & Garden Center. The Farmer’s Daughter is well known for having the largest selection of regular and organic fertilizers, seed – regular, organic, packet and bulk, onion sets – yellow, red and white, seed potatoes, hard to find plants such as asparagus, horseradish, kiwi gooseberries, blueberries, goji berries, raspberries – red, black, purple and gold, grapes, strawberries and more. Top quality perennials, annuals and vegetable plants start     arriving every year in March. You will find thousands of hanging baskets starting the end of April and through May as well as a kaleidoscope of color from all the new varieties of plants.


There is always a large selection of many items to make gardening a delight such as pots, garden statuary, gazing balls, unusual birdbaths, fairy & childrens garden items, wind chimes, bird houses, bird feeders and much more. A varied selection of mulches, both bagged and bulk are available as well as a full line of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides, both organic and inorganic as well.


The large selection of plants and products continues all summer and into the fall with thousands of hardy mums, Halloween decorations and fall decor such as pumpkins, gourds, straw bales and corn shocks.

4 thoughts on “History

  1. I moved to Stewartstown, PA in1984 and I heard about this interesting place called “Farmer’s Daughter” and the story of how it got started. For 20 years I purchased all my vegetable plant which were hardy and my beautiful flower plants and always greeting by this young lady who was now growing up into a beautiful young and talent woman with her own business at such a young age. Magen, how I miss coming to your store and enjoying the visit and knew the quality of plants I was purchasing was top quality. Sadly, my husband and I moved out of state and headed to the South, where no Northerner really should look to live because they are still, to this day fighting the Civil War and dislike Yankees! There is no such thing as Southern Hospitality or no such type of store of wonderful flowering plants, hardy vegetables and all the things a gardener would need with soil, fertilizer, tools, etc……. You don’t know how I wish I was back to PA, especially, New Freedom and walk through your wonderful dream you created as a little girl.

  2. Megan is so knowledgeable and friendly! I buy flowers from her every year because I know they are good quality and love supporting local business! Love Walmart but not for outdoor planting.. Megan hands down! I only wish she could have enough demand to stay open year round supporting Fall/ Christmas too!

    Your story is inspirational! Keep on keepn’ on Megan!

    • Yes we open every spring once the weather. It is usually around Mid March or April. When there is no snow, cold or severe rain in the forecast. Every year it is different. We have a Facebook site Farmers Daughter Gift & Garden Center that we update in the spring. Pansies and early vegetables are in March/April followed by our peak season of May. We now closed around the end of June. Thanks for your inquiry. You can also message me via facebook messenger as well.

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